The Concept

The Concept

PoEthic® was born from the partnership between Bioplasmar and SEDE.


Bioplasmar specializes in the research and development of organic and sustainable alternatives to replace plastics in all their forms. Bioplasmar's innovative technology transforms large quantities of organic waste into a biodegradable material used for the production of high quality products.

SEDE, a subsidiary of the Veolia group, is the specialist in multi-threaded processing of organic and mineral waste for communities, manufacturers and farmers. SEDE has many recovery sites and develops its activities in favour of the circular economy.

Paul-Antoine Sebbe for SEDE and Zamir Eldar for Bioplasmar, sign the agreement to create the PoEthic subsidiary.

PoEthic® manufactures planting pots totally biodegradable in soil, from compost and plant residues, based on an innovative process.

Alternative solution to the use of plastic pots.

New technology from the circular economy, respectful of the environment.

PoEthic SAS - 1 Rue de la Fontainerie - 62000 ARRAS Cedex - - Production plant : near Châtellerault (86)

PoEthic is a subsidiary of SEDE and applies the SEDE  personal data protection policy