The Process

The Process

The PoEthic® pot is made from vegetable by-products and stands out from other existing solutions on the market, by sourcing its components from the circular economy.

The PoEthic pot is completely biodegradable and nourishes the plant as it degrades in the soil.

Environmentally friendly, it replaces the plastic pot and can therefore be placed directly in the ground

PoEthic® has received support from ADEME for the launch of this new concept, as part of the "Bio-sourced materials and chemistry, advanced biofuels" call for projects.

INRA is also a partner in this project called "ECO & POT" and is there to validate the product in terms of biodegradability and agronomic benefits.

The first pots were produced in Châtellerault. An industrial scale site with an automated production line is being installed near Châtellerault.

PoEthic SAS - 1 Rue de la Fontainerie - 62000 ARRAS Cedex - - Plantation plant : near Châtellerault (86)

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