The Product

The Product

A beautiful example of circular economy

The PoEthic® pot is made of bio-sourced and biodegradable materials from local resources. It stands out from other existing solutions on the market by a biodegradability control process which allows it to remain stable in nurseries, and to degrade once planted in the ground.

Paris was a pioneer and tested the first prototypes in 2017.



The advantages of the PoEthic® pot are manifold:

  • Eco-responsible: no plastic waste, ready to use
  • Real alternative to using plastic
  • Reduced handling of seedlings during planting phases
  • Better take of plants planted.

The PoEthic® pot is made in France from local resources.


Designed to receive fruit, vegetable, flower and shrub plantations, the Poethic pot will be sold in garden centres, by horticultural professionals and in nurseries. It is available in sizes of 10.5 cm and 13 cm diameter. As our production chain is flexible, do not hesitate to contact us for any other requests.

Source : Dutch magazine Color Your Story by Desch Plantpak

The PoEthic® pot is intended for use in market gardening, horticulture and parks and gardens.

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