PoEthic has an industrial scale production site to Bonneuil-Matours near Châtellerault./ On september 7, 2020 PoEthic won the Project/Creation award and the International award at the CreaVienne contest. This contest encourages and supports the creation and taking over of businesses in Vienne department.

Biodegradable and eco-responsible pots

PoEthic pots are made from plant compost using an innovative process.

The Concept

PoEthic® manufactures bio-sourced and biodegradable planting pots, for a zero plastic solution.

The Process

The PoEthic® pot is made from vegetable by-products and stands out from other existing solutions on the market, by sourcing its components from the circular economy.

The Product

The PoEthic® pot is made of bio-sourced and biodegradable materials from local resources. It stands out from other existing solutions on the market by a biodegradability control process which allows it to remain stable in nurseries, and to degrade once planted in the ground.

PoEthic SAS - 1 Rue de la Fontainerie - 62000 ARRAS Cedex - contact@lepoethic.com - Production plant : near Châtellerault (86) FRANCE

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